Mar 01 2016

Surfaces of the Tooth

Welcome to our 1st blog post! In honor of February having been Dental Health month we decided that it would be a great starting point for our blog. We are offering $50 off of a professional dental cleaning through March. Call now to schedule 480-538-0900


Occlusal – You might think of this as the “top” of a tooth. It’s the surface of the back (molar and premolar) teeth that is used for biting or chewing.

Buccal – This is the tooth surface that faces the outside of your mouth. It is the tooth surface that is closest or next to your cheek.

Lingual – This is the surface of a tooth that is closest or next to your tongue.

Palatal – Just like Lingual, this is the surface of a tooth that is closest or next to your tongue., but on your upper teeth this is called the palatal surface.

Mesial and distal — These are the sides that come into contact with adjacent teeth. The mesial side faces the front of the mouth. The distal side faces the back of the mouth.

Cusps — The parts of the occlusal surface that are raised.

Surfaces of the Tooth

Surfaces of the Tooth

(Photo shown depicts the mouth of a canine)

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